Meet the Staff

Kathleen Wenger, M.A. - LMFT LPCC #3813 - Clinical Supervisor


We all experience difficult moments in our lives, and usually we have the tools to handle them. But when we consistently feel overwhelmed, stuck, trapped, fearful, helpless or empty, psychotherapy can help us become more conscious of what's behind our troubles and move to resolve them. As a result, relationships, self-esteem and life circumstances can improve. I work to develop a caring, supportive and trusting relationship with my clients, so they can feel safe to explore their past, honestly look at their feelings, thoughts and behaviors, and move towards positive change.

The most important thing I've learned is that there is rarely a right or wrong way to do anything, and perfection simply doesn't exist. Through the counseling process, you will learn to let go of old expectations and create a new definition of a happy and a healthy life.

I have worked for 27 years as a Licensed Marriage, Family and Individual Therapist and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with expertise in couples and marriage therapy, adolescents and teens, anxiety, depression and premarital therapy.

Aside from being the Founder of Laguna Beach Counseling, I am the Manager of M.A. Psychology Clinical Training and Professional Development Program at Pepperdine University for the past 25 years. As an educator of students who are enrolled in our Masters Program, I teach future LMFT and LPCC students. I am passionate about helping others get the help they need, I am also the Clinical Supervisor of the behavioral health department at the Susi Q Senior Center in Laguna Beach.

I am available to see you in person at my Laguna Beach office or from the comfort of your own home via Telehealth.

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Diane Fisher, M.A. - AMFT #106645

Call Diane at (949) 415-4710 or visit her website


Imagine a meaningful relationship with your loved one, friend or community that is safe - you do not have to walk on eggshells and are not afraid of the future. People are not their problems, their past, their family or their diagnosis. I specialize in helping people create and/or re-create meaningful relationships with themselves and others. I have experience with diverse cultures, various spiritual faiths and sexual orientations. My clients include couples, older adults & seniors as well as creatives and highly sensitive people. I am a trained volunteer with Alzheimer’s of Orange County and certified in grief and loss counseling. I am an active member of the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT), American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (AAMFT), The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), and The Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN). I am also a local resident here in Laguna Beach and like to hunt for my own joy by trail running, cultivating a meditation practice and watching my son’s hockey games.


Laura Lee Townsend, M.A. - AMFT #110139, APCC #5784, CHHC

Call Laura at (949) 885-0470 or visit her website


I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#110139), Associate Professional Clinical Counseling (#5784) and Certified Holistic Health Coach. Drawing upon my integrative nutrition and functional medicine background, I use an integrative, holistic approach in working with my clients toward optimal mental wellness. I specialize in helping individuals, couples, and families heal from trauma so they can live authentic, extraordinary lives with fulfilling relationships. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy and have found that to bring immense relief to many of my clients wanting to overcome a variety of problems. As a former journalist, I value the power of stories and am passionate about helping people craft the next chapter of their lives. I live in San Clemente, CA with my husband, daughter, and cat. When I’m not at work, you might find me at yoga, running, meditating, reading, writing, and/or relaxing with friends and family. I love to travel and rarely turn down a live concert.


Julie Maul, MA Marriage & Family Therapist Associate #100985

Supervised by Kay Wenger MFT #38183

Call Julie at (949) 371-6975, email her at [email protected], or visit her website


Clients describe me as an "anchor" who helps you stay grounded on your journey to creating a life you want. They take comfort in knowing that I am a "bulldog" who advocates for your well-being, helps you find your strength when you are in a rough patch, and helps you stay accountable to yourself in finding your happiness, whether you are a couple or an individual. I offer research-based Gottman couples counseling which emphasizes strategies for communication. If you are questioning whether to stay in your relationship, I offer couples’ Discernment Counseling. If you have decided to separate, or need help with a family issue, I’m a trained Mediator and Family Therapist. I use EMDR to work with those struggling with past traumatic experiences, PTSD, and for chronic pain management. I have extensive experience in depression, anxiety, and often incorporate CBT techniques into therapy. If you simply have a life dilemma or problem, I am a non-judgemental and impartial sounding-board and will collaborate with you on goals for your counseling.

Independent Practitioner

Clint Christie - LMFT #102855


Sometimes our problems and challenges in life become so heavy or complex that we intuitively know that we should not simply try to solve them alone. My goal is to provide a safe and confidential place for people to work through their challenges. Beyond my rigorous clinical training program, and honing my clinical skills over the years, I integrate into my work aspects of my life experience beyond my psychological training.

My fluency in Spanish and along with my familiarity with the Latino culture has added to my personal trait of being able to see a set of circumstances through a completely different lens.

I have gained valuable experience assisting client's with Grief & Loss, Domestic Violence and assisting families & children in crisis, as well facilitating a Men's Process Group. If you are reading this, you or someone you care about, are seeking help. I am ready to listen.

Clint works with individuals, couples and adolescents with a variety of life issues such as anxiety, depression, feeling “stuck”, grief and loss, relationship discernment, counseling and issues involving aging.